Monday, March 9, 2009

Lecture 9: Feminism, Narrative & Web 2.0, Amanda Moffat and Paul D. Found

Feminist visions on science fiction

This section is concerned with the role or non-role of women in science fiction.

"All fans know that science fiction has to do with fantasies about the body, especially the reproductive body". (Braidotti)

She also talks about the male obsession in science fiction with reproduction, and post-human procreation.

Post-human - "discourses on the nature of the body in the digital age... The limits of human nature under conditions of technological change how we think about our own bodies and our relationship to the social environment:. pg. 22, Digital Information Culture, Tredinnick, 2008

Cyberpunk - sci-fi based on a utopian view of high-technology

Braidotti believes cyberpunk reveals a male obsession with death - the male death wish.

The Cyber Imagery

This section is concerned with the gender gap in the access and use of cyberspace/virtual environments/information technology which is widening.

Sexist imagery of women in computer-games " and cyberspace in general - "titillation".

"The central point remains: there is a credibility gap between the promises of the Virtual reality and cyberspace and the quality of what it delivers". (Braidotti)

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