Monday, March 9, 2009

Lecture 9: Feminism, Narrative & Web 2.0

Activity in Pairs:
To Review your Reading

With a partner add this to your blog post:
  • Explain two sections from Braidotti’s "Cyberfeminism with a Difference"
  • Critically analyse Braidotti’s thinking (in your two sections)
  • Define keywords which appear in your selections (such as postmodernity, post-human, irony)
  • Fill in the exploratree form: (1 per group)
  • Include at least three links to resources that help explain or develop your interpretation (images/audio/video/reference)

Group One: Rachel and Andy P. - Introduction postmodernity
and Post-human bodies

Group Two: Max and Kieren - The politics of parody
The power of irony

Group Three: Amanda and Paul - Feminist visions on science fiction
The cyber imaginary

For Next Week:
  • Read: "Born Digital: A poet in the forefront of the field explores what is—and is not—electronic literature" by Stephanie Strickland, found here:
  • Bring a born digital example from your field of interest (online architecture, pedagogy, design, holography etc…)

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