Monday, March 30, 2009

Lecture 12: I am the Long Tail, Maxine Armstrong

I tend to buy:
  • Books/DVDs – on Amazon if I know what I want or sometimes I browse bookshops
  • Music/Ringtones – don’t buy any
  • Games – kids buy them from game shops from friends recommendations
  • Groceries – supermarket (Aldi or Sainsburys), no longer use online
  • Travel - online mainly by searching for somewhere already in mind
  • Information – online mainly, I will always search online first and then follow up sources in the library etc.
I often research things online before I buy it at a store, if it is something easily available. More obscure items (such as art-deco ceramics) I buy online from Ebay etc. If I do buy something online I like to see it first before I buy.

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