Monday, March 16, 2009

Lecture 10: Web 2.0

Notes on Student Presentations:

Andy P

  • Alice's "brain" is stored on a separate server
  • although text only, the interactor has to write most of this him/herself so it's highly interactive
  • the coding is elegant - xml driven language
  • language is not just yes or no's but works with "categories" and "recursions": how much something is reiterated
  • only in English right now
  • Alice is not the only AI application, g.o.d: talk to god
  • changes the space/time - talking not with a person but with code


  • Colour Calculator
  • You first select a design and then a shape (square, triangle, etc.) to rotate around a colour wheel. The resulting colour values are listed as CMYK, RGB and HTML web-safe colours and you can either copy, download or email the number values. You can adjust the saturation and lightness of the hues
  • different from a piece of paper because of the speed, and ability to try lots of different examples
  • a bit limiting if you start off with a colour in mind and then it doesn't have it
  • you can save all the colour information onto you clipboard
  • they are all web-safe colours so not useful for print work etc...

  • Fluid Forms - your unique designs
  • designing your own products online
  • "Personal tastes are as different as people themselves
    For this reason Fluidforms offers everyone an individual Design. Our website enables you to design according to your own preferences with but a few clicks of the mouse. Create your own unique forms, and bring to life your own individual Design"
  • not enough human interaction, too limited
  • long tail - niche marketing


  • Peter Howard - probability of racoons
  • emote poem
    When I won your heart
    was marvellous and I knew
    you would always remember.

    There was light in your mind.

    Outside, eagles swept across a sky
    the colour of midnight.
    The smell of roses lingered in the air."

  • java works on mobiles so could *easily* move this into a different environment
  • also might show it on interactive white boards for use in galleries
  • Uncyclopedia
  • content here is usually hoax, jokes - look at the entry for "jesus"
  • anyone can edit but according to rules - fits Strickland's number 7

  • bbc bitesize
  • Questionaut
    Journey through strange worlds and test your knowledge of English, Maths and Science on this magical mission to recover your friend’s hat.

For Next Week:

Create your own map like this for an area you know well:

  • Something cultural
  • Something historic
  • Something personal
  • Something for tourists
  • Something only locals would know
  • Include information about each of your waypoints

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