Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lecture 9: Born Digital: Amanda Moffat

This is my 'born digital' offering:

I came across it while I was searching for educational resources on the BBC Bitesize website with my son. It is an interactive game which has been specifically designed to test children's English, Maths and Science at Key Stage 2. It really appeals to me because the illustrations are wonderfully quirky, humorous and cleverly interactive. There are no instructions - other than you need to retrieve your friends hat - and it is a matter of exploring the interactive elements until you find the right triggers. You are then presented with a series of questions which have 3 multiple choice answers (so even if you don't know the answer you can have a guess). Once you have notched up 5 correct answers and collected 5 'bubbles' you literally float up to the next level - although for every question you get wrong you loose a bubble.
I think this is a fantastic online educational resource as it captures a childs imagination, is interactive and uses basic gaming elements to make learning fun - which could not possibly have the same impact offline - fullfilling Stricklands 'born digital' criteria.

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