Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lecture 7: Critical Thinking, Andy P (presubmitted)

hese were my initial thoughts on the three websites I was to review for digital cultures on feminism:

site one:
which was born of:

the above site itself ( i like both for the content of the article and the website itself.
The latter site is clearly not one I should place too much stock in as a source, that led to some interesting questions (ie, how much is true what what we can draw from its context. eg, if untrue, why write it and for what end and if it is all true (i doubt it) what does it mean for femanism). either way I felt this was a nice two for one in terms of reviewing a site for feminism.

Site two:
the title if not introduction of this pretty much speaks of itself, and was chosen merely on the topic and format presented ( online e-book)

site three:

chosen for content and specifically the line "In Palin, you have an authentic model of feminism and in Hillary you have a counterfeit one" made me want to dig deeper into what the report are meant (along with many of the quotes).
This site was one of many involving the presidential election in America. I simply wanted to highlight the role of feminism and the part it had to play during the election as both sides had a female candidate with wildly varying views ( and therefore if it could be seen as feminist, just how broad is the 'range' of feminism?). I also liked this for the fact that it was a reputable site ( was still heavily politically biased in some ways.

problems with the above:
firstly the problem I found ( or rather the issues that make me doubt myself) was that the theorys are more implied in the above sites rather than stated directly. should I have been finding sites that explain explicitly what feminism is?

Also and the more pressing question to me, I feel like my understanding of 'digital cultures' is superficial at best. In week one we explored the term digital and how it related to culture, and aside from saying all of the above is published online, I can't seem to draw anything more from the sites. The content is fine, but it's nothing that couldn't be printed on paper, so I could just as easily call from e-books. In terms of digital culture, they offer nothing new (to me) that the same thing printed on paper could not accomplish.
I guess what I'm looking for is for digital cultures to be more than just something different to write text on. I want to look for something on feminism relating to digital cultures that paper could not accomplish ( so at least including sound or something akin to the inanimate alice site), therefore I rejected all of the above.

Well those were my thoughts, but at the minute I'm still searching for something better.

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