Monday, February 9, 2009

Lecture 6: Professor Andrew Hugill on Music and Digital Culture

On Monday the 16th of Feb., Professor Andrew Hugill will take you on a tour of music modernism, postmodernism, structuralism, minimalism with a culmination in the digital culture.

Professor Hugill has created a list of reading/listening that you might like to do before the lecture:

Instead of preparing reading for the next lecture I've asked that you each write a blog response to Prof. Hugill's lecture. Some things to include:

  • Title: Lecture 6: Music and Digital Culture, Name
  • Summary of the lecture and how it fits in with the theories/ideas we've been looking at
  • An image that you have taken during the lecture, either of the group working or perhaps of Prof. Hugill speaking
  • A question to Prof. Hugill. Perhaps after the lecture you have a question about what he said, or maybe you'd like more examples of music to listen to, or even a clearer link of how musical interpretations/theory align with what we've already covered

Do take a look at Professor Hugill's recent book, The Digital Musician. It's available on Amazon and some parts are readable via google.

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