Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lecture 5 : Derrida, Differance and Cut up: Paul D. Found

This translates roughly as: “Hobby-horse (Dada) does not mean anything. One finds it futile and a waste of (his) time for a word which does not mean anything”.

Original Text Paragraph One

I would say, first off, that différance, which is neither a word nor a concept, strategically seemed to me the most proper one to think, if not to master - thought, here, being that which is maintained in a certain necessary relationship with the structural limits of mastery - what is most irreducible about our "era." Therefore I am starting, strategically, from the place and the time in which "we" are, even though in the last analysis my opening is not justifiable, since it is only on the basis of différance and its "history" that we can allegedly know who and where "we" are, and what the limits of an "era" might be.

Cut-up Text Paragraph One

of an "era" neither a word nor a concept, justifiable, since it me the most I am starting, can allegedly know strategically seemed to "we" are, even most irreducible about time in which opening is not last analysis my proper one to "history" that we might be.what the limits limits of mastery first off, that différance and its think, if not though in the strategically, from the "we" are, and maintained in a our "era." Therefore who and where différance, which is I would say, place and the thought, here, being - what is is only on that which is certain necessary relationship the basis of with the structural to master -

Original Text Paragraph Two

In a language, in the system of language, there are only differences. Therefore a taxonomical operation can undertake the systematic, statistical, and classificatory inventory of a language. But, on the one hand, these differences play: in language, in speech too, and in the exchange between language and speech. On the other hand, these differences are themselves effects. They have not fallen from the sky fully formed, and are no more inscribed in a topos noetos, than they are prescribed in the gray matter of the brain. If the word "history" did not in and of itself convey the motif of a final repression of difference, one could say that only differences can be "historical" from the outset and in each ot their aspects.

Cut-up Text Paragraph Two

and of itself that only differences in the system convey the motif the exchange between from the outset can be "historical" and are no one hand, these more inscribed in gray matter of Therefore a taxonomical the brain. If fallen from the and in each repression of difference, the word "history" of a final prescribed in the They have not sky fully formed, too, and in But, on the operation can undertake than they are of a language. differences play: in a topos noetos, In a language, hand, these differences are themselves effects. language, in speech and classificatory inventory On the other of language, there of their aspects. are only differences. language and speech. did not in one could say the systematic, statistical,

The standard text makes no sense to me whatsoever (I still cannot read beyond about 5 pages of the version I printed out), so the cut-ups do not lose anything of the original - it still makes no sense. Maybe this proves Derrida was right about language not representing reality and words being arbitrarily assigned. The meaning certainly changes and has left only a "trace" of the original...

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