Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lecture 5: Derrida, Difference and Cut-Up, Maxine Armstrong

Original Text
Thereby the text of metaphysics is comprehended. Still legible; and to be read. It is not surrounded but rather traversed by its limit, marked in its interior by the multiple furrow of its margin. Proposing all at once the monument and the mirage of the trace, the trace simultaneously traced and erased, simultaneously living and dead, and, as always, living in its simulation of life's preserved inscription. A pyramid. Not a stone fence to be jumped over but itself stonelike, on a wall, to be deciphered otherwise, a text without voice.

Cut-Up Text
not surrounded but erased, simultaneously living by the multiple in its interior and to be its limit, marked a text without fence to be be deciphered otherwise, and dead, and, Thereby the text of metaphysics is voice.furrow of its monument and the simultaneously traced and rather traversed by trace, the trace read. It is of life's preserved Not a stone in its simulation as always, living comprehended. Still legible; inscription. A pyramid. mirage of the margin. Proposing all jumped over but a wall, to itself stonelike, on at once the

My response
The cut-up text does not add any insight to me of the original, just creates more questions. The original “text of metaphysics is comprehended” and “a text without voice” becomes “Thereby the text of metaphysics is voice”. So what was the origin, the spoken word or written text?

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